FAQ: The most important questions and answers

Those who want to catch up on their high school diploma are not only faced with the question of how and where this project can succeed. In addition, there are many questions in the room that should be answered. We have collected the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ and answered them for you.

What will this cost me?

In general, this question can hardly be answered. Above all, it is crucial where you want to catch up on your high school graduation. At a state or private institutions? If you decide for a public evening school or a similar college, this is usually free of charge. Those who catch up with their Abitur pay no school fees, but are subsidized for tax purposes.

So there are only manageable costs for textbooks, calculators and other materials. However, it depends on the place of residence: individual federal states have largely privatized this task, for example, Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The Abitur in the respective private schools is therefore NOT free. Therefore: Please inform yourself necessarily at the respective institution. The costs can vary significantly. Sometimes only 30 to 40 euros per month payable, sometimes more than twice. In addition, consider the costs that may arise for aids or excursions.

The freedoms and benefits of distance learning have their price. An average of 130 euros per month will be due here. At first it might not sound like much, but adds up very quickly at a length of 36 months.

The good news is that you can be eligible for a student loan until you reach the age of 30 if you finish high school. Let us advise you and submit a written application to the responsible office for training support.

What requirements must be fulfilled in order to complete the Abitur?

The conditions to be able to catch up with the Abi are uniformly regulated at state institutions, but there may be differences at distance schools. Therefore, you should definitely inquire at the school. As a rule, the following requirements must be met in order to be able to catch up with the Abi:

  • majority
  • Graduation
  • Completed vocational training or three-year employment
  • Occupation (when attending evening grammar school)

Also for the registration still a certain expenditure must be operated. Required are mostly – also here there are deviations – a tabular resume, letter of motivation, passport photo, a registration certificate over the domicile, officially certified copies of school and work certificates and the previous employment contract.

With which duration and which expenditure do I have to reckon?

Normally, a period of three years is expected to catch up with the Abi. This time can vary as a result of how long the school has completed and if preliminary courses may be necessary.

As a weekly allowance you should plan about 20 hours depending on the educational institution. Of these, five hours per week are allocated to the two freely selectable advanced courses, the remaining hours to the basic courses.

The content of the Secondary Abitur depends on which courses you choose. You should consider your personal strengths and career orientation when choosing advanced courses. However, according to the guidelines of the Abitur, one of the advanced courses must be English, mathematics, a foreign language or a natural science subject.

As mentioned above, the Abitur examination must take place externally, who makes the Abi by distance learning or at the VHS. Responsible is the respective school authority of the federal state. Usually you have to register for the exam yourself and set up a test fee. Depending on the federal state, candidates have once or twice a year the opportunity to take an exam for the Abitur.

Can I make up my high school diploma in just one year?

Those who catch up with their Abitur usually want to do this as quickly as possible. Either to be able to start studying as soon as possible or to start the job market with an improved qualification.

It sounds all too tempting to catch up with the A-levels in just one year. The key question is: is that even possible? In principle, the first answer is yes, it is possible in any case. At the same time, however, this is also linked to a number of conditions and challenges.

By distance learning you have the opportunity to catch up in just one year Abi. However, this means that you have to work through, understand and reflect on the entire course material in this year’s final exam. Sure, that is feasible, but the associated effort should not be underestimated. If you decide to catch up with the Abi in just one year, you increase the pressure from the very beginning and need a correspondingly good self-organization and discipline to be succesfull.

Can I make up the high school diploma online?

Even non-students have the right to take the final exam at the end of the school year – even without a previous visit to a school, a college or evening grammar school. In practice, you then prepare yourself for it. But: Without professional help, this is difficult to manage – and only in exceptional cases recommended.

Therefore Adult Education Centers offer preparatory courses for the Baccalaureate. These are classically classroom courses where attendance is required. Meanwhile, the offer is more often supplemented by online courses. Thus, a part of the curriculum is taught locally, the rest can be learned online in self-study.

Basically, it can be assumed that online learning content will become more important in the coming years. For late-high school graduates, this brings more flexibility, could benefit among others, single parents, carers and professionals.