Compensate for high school

Not every school career leads straight to the Abitur. Many decide to start an apprenticeship and start their professional life. If you later change your mind, you can make up for the Abitur. This is not always easy, but there are many ways and means available to make up for the highest school graduation. The chance to graduate from high school therefore not missed, if this was not acquired directly. We answer the most important questions and show what you need to know if you want to finish high school …

Opportunities: How to make up for the Abitur

To make up for the Abitur, you have different paths and facilities open. The offers all lead to the same destination, but differ in the course and execution of each other.

When deciding which alternative you want to use for yourself, you should consider, in particular, whether you want to catch up on part-time secondary school employment alongside the job or full-time.

Below we have briefly summarized the different ways for you:


The educational institution in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Wuerttemberg, also known as a vocational college or continuing education college, enables students to complete their secondary education. Here is learned during the day, the whole week, similar to school. Classes start at 8am in the morning and end at noon, sometimes with afternoon classes. And that, depending on your educational background, for six to eight semesters. One lesson usually takes 45 minutes. A gainful employment is only possible to a small extent here.


The evening grammar school, on the other hand, is explicitly aimed at working people who want to take their secondary school leaving certificate. There are corresponding appointments in the evenings. Classes start at around 17 or 18 o’clock, sometimes ends at 22 o’clock. As a rule, the Kolleg and the Abendgymnasium are under one roof, the bearer is usually the same.

Remote High School

Do you want to catch up with your Abitur by a distance learning, you have more flexibility. But you should also be aware of the costs that can be incurred by non-governmental organizations and should not be underestimated. Since it is a state exam at the Abitur, it is subject to strict conditions. The audit is therefore conducted by a state commission.

Community College

The offers at adult education centers (VHS) vary from VHS to VHS, so the duration may vary. Courses usually take place on weekends or evenings, so that extra-occupational learning is possible. Even if the learning content is taught at the VHS, it is not eligible for examination. The exam will therefore be taken by external examiners as in the case of the remote exam.