about the teas we offer

Tea, the drink of gods. Camellia sinensis, better known as the "tea plant," was one of the first plants cultivated on Earth and has been around for 5,000 years. Below are the types of teas we offer with a small description of how they are grown and manufactured.

White Tea

For the most part, white tea is produced in China; however, it has more recently been introduced to India and various other countries. Only the youngest bud (final bud) and the top of the first two leaves are gathered from the plant, which is only harvested at the beginning of spring.

Green Tea

Green tea is grown largely in China and Japan. The top bud and the first two leaves are gathered from the plant. Unlike black tea, green tea does not undergo fermentation, lending to its lighter color and flavor.

Black Tea

Black tea is manufactured in almost all tea-producing countries (India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Turkey) with the exception of Japan and China. After the top bud and the first leaves of the tea plant are gathered, they undergo six operations: withering, rolling, fermentation, firing, grading, and sifting. These six processes produce teas with rich, strong flavor.

Blossoming Tea

Sometimes called "flowering" teas, blossoming teas are mostly out of China, where the delicate flowers are developed and produced. Blossoming teas are wonderfully intoxicating and visually delightful!